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A range of customised digital tools to promote your product online Communications during the launch of your product should be done using a range of channels and taking into account all digital aspects. At Plan.Net Access, we have a “ready to market” pack with all the elements required to guarantee a great digital launch for your product. In the Product E-launch by Plan.Net Access, you will find all the digital material you need for optimum digital visibility: landing page, digital banners, email marketing and signatures, social media kit, etc. And to make sure the launch is a success, our teams help you to target your users using customised materials. Our Product E-launch pack is simple and effective: a clear price, an all-inclusive service taking into account your digital environment and assistance from creative experts.

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At Plan.Net Access, we offer you a “ready to market” offer with the necessary elements for you ensure a good digital launch of your product. In the Launch my product online offer, you will find all digital media necessary for a optimal digital visibility : landing page, digital banners, emailing and signatures, social media kit ... And for this launch to be successful, our teams will help you to best target your users thanks to custom media. Our Launch my product online formula is simple and effective: a clear price, a full offer which takes into account your digital environment and creative experts available.

Nos formules

Formule Silver
15 000 € HT
  • Landing page (standard template, logo and customizable colors)
  • Emailing based on 50,000 submissions
  • 3 digital banners (excluding space purchase - graphic design included)
  • Kit Social Media : 1 post Facebook et 1 post Instagram
  • 1 signature email
  • € 5,000 in media purchases (setup, management and campaign report)
Formule Gold
On quotation
  • Display in an innovative format
  • Addition of Facebook and Youtube covers
  • Customizable landing page
  • Adding a map to the landing page
  • Une offre clé en main pour lancer votre produit en ligne rapidement
    Un panel d’outils personnalisés pour tous les supports digitaux
    Une équipe créative qui vous guide selon vos besoins

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