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A newsletter customised from design to distribution to attract your target audience! Email is still one of the most effective means to reach your clients and prospects, providing that you can offer them adapted content standing out from the rest. At Plan.Net Access, we are committed to creating a regular encounter with your audience with the help of a targeted and customised newsletter. Design, layout, distribution to everyone in your database, reporting: our experts guide you through each step to guarantee effective communication. What we offer: an adaptable newsletter, customisable graphics, a range of striking visuals, design and distribution via MailChimp, plus complete reports to analyse the impact on your contact database. And the cherry on the cake is that we guarantee a single price and a response within 5 days. If you wish, our teams can also take care of writing content in line with your brand's identity!

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At Plan.Net Access, we are committed to creating a regular meeting with your audience through a targeted and personalized newsletter. Design, layout, distribution to your entire database, reporting, our experts guide you every step of the way to guarantee theEffectiveness of your communication. What we offer you: a modular newsletter, graphic customization, a choice of impactful visuals, design and distribution via MailChimp as well as complete reporting to analyze the impact on your contact base. Best of all, we guarantee you a unique price and an response within 5 days

And if you wish, our teams can also take charge of writing content according to your brand identity!

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Silver package
1 500 € HT
  • A modular newsletter to be created from a library of components.
  • The package includes graphic customization, HTML integration, configuration, routing via MailChimp and project management.
  • Reporting (click rate, open rate, updated base, etc.) included.
  • Commitment to a deadline for taking into account the request within 5 working days.
  • Based on 2,000 subscribers and one default sender.
  • Excluding purchase and research of visuals.
Gold package
On quotation
  • Personalized and tailor-made template
  • Creation of trend boards
  • Creation of desktop and mobile models
  • HTML integration
  • Sending and routing of the newsletter
  • Une offre complète, de la conception à la diffusion de votre newsletter
    Une newsletter personnalisée, ciblée et modulable
    Un prix unique et une réponse immédiate

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